Math Talk

Talking about teaching never gets old. I mean, who wouldn’t want to talk about teaching techniques, crazy students, all the mistakes you made as a first year teacher, and everything you can’t wait to change for the next year? That’s how I feel everyday, I love to talk about my job because I love my job. Even on the hardest day, when I’m really glad I didn’t break a student’s protractor just to laugh at them, and lets be real some days that seems like a good idea, I enjoy thinking about teaching.

One of my great friends from College and fellow math teacher Dan Schneider got the chance to come up to Seattle. It was awesome to talk about our experiences as first year teachers, and even laugh about all the crazy things we did this year.

I love when my students critique the math problems on tests, exams, quizzes, etc. It really forces me to think about what I’m communicating to my students. It also means my students are actually thinking about the problems, not just straight memorizing and repeating what they hear.

Here is the problem I asked my students:

“Aqua Man swam across the lake shown below.  In order to figure out how far he swam, he made and recorded the measurements shown on the diagram.  Determine the distance across the lake.”

I talked with the student later and he thought it was unreasonable that he (aqua man) could measure the two of the sides of the triangle but not the third.

I love it!


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