A Proud Moment

As I was grading a test on quadratics, I had one of my favorite moments of the entire year. One of my students who has struggled this year got an A on the test. Honestly, I don’t think it had much to do with me, which doesn’t bother me.

Side note: All the names are made up.

Here is the story….

Her seat gets changed. Disclosure: I had a student create my most recent seating chart. I realized I had too many biases about my students, and it was getting difficult to create a seating chart that I thought would work. Then one of the brilliant teachers I work with gave me the idea to have a student make the chart. So I did. It was great. The seating chart did wonders! My students sit in tables of 4 and there was a guy and girl whom I’ve never sat next to one another. He became like a mini teacher to her, and she encouraged him. It was a great pairing. I even had a conversation with the guy about the role that he took over in his new group. This is the conversation we had.

Jesse: “Mrs. Cole, I’m almost like a teacher to the kids in my group. They always ask me to explain things after I understand                                               them.”

Me: “Is that a problem?”

Jesse:  “Well not really I guess, because it helps me learn when I show others.”

Me: ” Cool, you might not even need me soon.”

I enjoyed that conversation.

Extra practice. Easily available extra practice. I found & created two worksheets of extra practice on a topic students were really struggling with. I thought kids would kinda laugh in my face and say

“Mrs. Cole you’re so funny thinking we’ll do extra practice, that’s cute of you.”

However, a lot of kids took advantage of this. Including the girl who rocked those problems on her test. I didn’t even count it for credit . I did post the work and answers to every problem online so they could look at it if they needed help or got stuck.

This was a victory.


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