My first year as a teacher is quickly coming to a close and I can’t believe how fast it went. Sometimes it seems as though everything I learned in college comes into my brain and leaves just as fast. Creating a classroom environment that is ideal for learning is a harder task than it seems (not that it seems that easy). As I finish my first year as a teacher I hope to reflect on a few important questions.

1. What was it like to be a student in my classes?

2. Are my classes structured so all students felt comfortable talking and asking questions?

3. What are the most important aspects of my classroom that I need to change for next year?

I can already tell that this summer will be filled with planning for next year. There are many things I’d like to improve on. If I expect my students to adapt and solve problems I better be doing the same thing!

I’ll be answering these questions soon. Once I reflect on them more myself. (Maybe even give my students a survey).

What would be your response to those questions?


4 thoughts on “Reflections…

  1. I was just thinking and asking myself the same questions. Within the next couple of weeks, I’m going to give my students a questionnaire asking questions that will help my plan and prepare for next year, but also to get them thinking over the summer for the next grade. My students don’t have much direction and support outside the classroom, so they aren’t exposed to much reflective thinking that could really impact their education next year and hopefully for the years to come.

    You’re so smart in starting a blog. I’ve considered it too. I’m excited to read how your year went and what you plan on doing next year!

  2. I think you should post your blog in other area’s so it can get read. It has so much vital information that can help other new teachers. I have been teaching for 7 years and I think how your handling your students is awesome i also think your blog is cool.

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